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dimanche 16 février 2014

Dan Osborne vs. Tom Daley compete in the Battle of the Bugle // SPLASH! UK

Here is some pics of Dan Osborne in a beautiful sparkling trunk together with Tom Daley in his classic Adidas trunk in Splash UK. 

And here is a sneak pic of Dan Osborne's bulge in a CK brief!

Ryan Gosling bulge in "The place beyond the pines"

I know how kinky you are and how much you like to see celebrities's bulge so I couldn't keep this screenshots of Ryan Gosling half naked for myself. I have to say (being an underwear addict) that his brief is not one of the most sexy I've ever seen but still I wasn't expecting such a nice bulge... 
Ryan Gosling has been on the top 5 of the sexiest movie stars for many years now and looking at those pics, we understand why!

 Nice package don't you think?! Ryan almost looks half hard ^^